Prevention Information
Hazard Prevention

Many hazards can be prevented. Workplace accidents are a good example. A comprehensive accident prevention program can reduce the frequency of accidents dramatically. Most fires can be prevented. Spills of hazardous chemicals can be avoided. Home accidents and falls can be prevented just by not letting stuff get in the way of your walking paths.

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Risk Mitigation

Natural hazards have been the cause of the vast majority of Federal Disaster Declarations. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural hazards cannot be prevented. Some technological hazards such as a regional power outages cannot be prevented. Accidents that were not prevented and intentional acts that were not deterred can result in property damage and business disruptions. For those hazards that cannot be prevented, there are still many opportunities to reduce the potential impacts on life, property, business operations and the environment. For more information visit

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National Terrorism Advisory System