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Reminder to all Residents: Yard waste pick up will be on Wednesday November 22, 2017, Thanksgiving week and will conclude on November 30, 2017. This is the final pick up for the year. Just be advised that if the yard waste is frozen in the bins our DPW will not be able to empty those bins. Have a great Holiday Season.


Keeping our community beautiful is the goal of a yard waste recycling program.

Residents are reminded that every household must put their Yard waste in appropriate containers.  Yard waste containers can be similar to the Jenkins Township Recycling containers we use for yard waste collection that are red in color.  The containers must have perforation in the bottom, handles on each side and cannot have a lid on the top.  The cans cannot have rims on the top, be on wheels or exceed 20 gallons.  Please do not make any containers more than 30 lbs. If you have an excessive amount of yard waste or are cleaning a large area to remove small branches, shrubbery clippings, etc. and need to fill a pick-up truck our DPW will assist with compost preparation if you call the township building at 570-654-3315 for proper scheduling. Our Worker’s safety is very important to us.   If you have any questions regarding yard waste, please do not hesitate to contact our office.





Jenkins Township Paving Project

Jenkins Township has some renovation ideas in mind and has applied for funding in the amount of $825,209 through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Bank Program.

With the funds provided, Jenkins Twp. will now have two paving projects in the works to pave the following streets in two phases. Phase one will include East Sunrise Drive, West Sunrise Drive, Orchard Street, Cole Street, Thomas Lane, Ambrose Street, Friend Street, Old Mill Road, Fairfield Drive, Fordham Road, Demark Road, Old Boston Road, Wood Street, Laflin Road, North Highland Drive, South Highland Drive, and any miscellaneous storm water repairs, which include pipe and trench repairs, as well as catch basin replacements. This paving project was awarded to American Asphalt, which began paving work in the township on April 23, 2017.

Phase two will include Delmont Lane, Rutledge Street, Tedrick Street, Patrick Road, St. Mark’s Lane, Orme Street, Woodrow Lane and North Highland Drive. This paving project was also awarded to American Asphalt and the paving of these streets will be determined soon.

Parts of the Jenkins Twp. Municipal Building also will be renovated, including paving the parking lot, landscaping the entrance, placing a new digital sign in the front of the building, as well as constructing a retaining wall and replacing and installing brand new light poles.

For more information about the planned projects, please contact the municipal building at 570-654-3315

2018 Refuse & Recycling Sticker
The 2018 Jenkins Township Refuse & Recycling Stickers are now available at the Municipal Building. The 2018 annual garbage assessment rate is as follows:

ONE (1) THIRTY-FIVE (35) gallon bin the sum of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY DOLLARS ($120.00) per residential unit.

ONE (1) SIXTY-FIVE (65) gallon bin the sum of TWO HUNDRED FORTY DOLLARS ($240.00) per residential unit.

ONE (1) NINETY-FIVE (95) gallon bin the sum of TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY DOLLARS ($280.00) per residential unit.

Jenkins Township bags are no longer required. Any garbage assessment that remains unpaid as of February 1, 2018 will face a $10 penalty and if not paid by May 31, 2018 will be charged an additional $10 penalty.

COUNTY WASTE-Jenkins Township Information 2018


Solid Waste and Recyclables Ordinance
The Board of Supervisors passed Ordinance 002-2013 an Ordinance regulating the collection, storage, and disposal and recycling of solid waste and recyclables; and providing for the authorization and licensing of Township collector(s) for solid waste and recyclables; and providing for penalties for violation of this Ordinance. This Ordinance requires all residential, rental properties and commercial properties to purchase a Refuse & Recycling Sticker. The Purpose of this Ordinance is to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Jenkins Township by regulating the collection, storage, and transportation, removal, dumping, deposit, disposal and recycling of solid waste by instituting a comprehensive solid waste management program and establishing a mandatory recycling program pursuant to the requirements of Act 101.

Landlord/Rental Unit Ordinance
Ordinance 007-2004 of Jenkins Township requires landlords to file reports listing all rental or rentable units, tenants or occupiers thereof, and any subsequent change therein; establishing the requirement for occupancy permits and inspections of all rental or rentable units prior to occupancy; establishing the duties of the code official; providing for definitions, interpretations and the purposes hereof; and prescribing penalties for violation. This ordinance is enacted to provide for the uniform and equitable distribution of the tax levy in Jenkins Township and upon the inhabitants thereof and to promote the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the inhabitants of the Township.